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The Legion of Doom

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The Legion of Doom is a group of supervillain led by Lex Luthor that appeared in Challenge of the Super Friends, an animated series that starred superhero from DC Comics.

In each episode that they appeared, the Legion of Doom would enact various plots against the Super Friends, only to be met with defeat by the end of the story. Often, however, they would escape capture through a last-minute escape plan.

The Legion of Doom's headquarters was the Hall of Doom, a facility most often located in an anonymous swamp. The Hall of Doom was mobile, lowered below or raised above the swamp water's surface, and often flown through the air via rockets if needed, even remotely controlled. It also had laser defense weapons and at times was altered to time travel to the past or future. It resembled Darth Vader's helmet.

There were thirteen members of the Legion of Doom:

The Legion of Doom The Legion of Doom

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