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The Rogues (Flash Villains)

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:This article is about a specific group of comic-book villains. For other uses of the term "rogues", see Rogue.

Some of the enemies of the comic-book super-hero The Flash, led by Captain Cold, constitute a loose criminal association who refer to themselves as The Rogues, disdaining the use of the term "super-villain" or "super-criminal".

The Rogues maintain a code of conduct as well as high standards for acceptance. No Rogue may inherit another Rogue's identity (a "legacy" villain, for example) while the original still lives. Also, simply acquiring a former Rogue's costume, gear, or abilities is not sufficient to become a Rogue, even if the previous member is already dead.

Although they tend to lack the wider name recognition of the villains who oppose Batman and Superman, the enemies of The Flash — through their unique blend of colorful costumes, diverse powers, unusual abilities, and perhaps most notably, the lack of any one defining element or theme between them — form a distinctive rogues gallery.

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