Character sourced from: Sci-Fi

Andrew Ender Wiggin

CBUB Wins: 4
CBUB Losses: 2
Win Percentage: 66.67%

Added by: Mullon

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Official Site: Orson Scott Card

Ender may refer to the following.

Notable people with the surname Ender:

Andrew Ender Wiggin

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Fantasy Teams Season 7 Record:

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Win Chloe Bourgeois 10 to 6
Win Jack-Jack Parr 14 to 2
Win Damian Wayne 6 to 4
Win Arya Stark 8 to 4
Loss Dexter 4 to 7

Regular play Record:

Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Harry Potter 11 to 13