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The Qu (All Tomorrows)

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All Tomorrows: A Billion Year Chronicle of the Myriad Species and Mixed Fortunes of Man is a 2006 work of speculative evolution in science fiction format written and illustrated by the Turkish artist C. M. Kosemen under the pen name Nemo Ramjet. It explores a hypothetical future path of human evolution set from the near future to a billion years from the present. Several future human species evolve through natural means and through genetic engineering, conducted by both humans themselves and by a mysterious and superior alien species called the Qu.

Inspired by the science fiction works of Olaf Stapledon and Edward Gibbon's The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Kosemen worked on All Tomorrows from 2003 to the publication of the book as a free PDF file online in 2006. The book has never been physically published, but has per Kosemen himself "had a life of its own" on the internet. Kosemen intends to eventually publish All Tomorrows in physical form, with new text and updated illustrations.

Following the colonization of Mars, a brief but catastrophic civil war takes place between Mars and Earth. After both planets make peace with each other, a large-scale colonization initiative is carried out by genetically-engineered humans called Star People throughout the galaxy.

Humans then encounter a malevolent and superior alien race called the Qu. The Qu's religion motivates them to remake the universe through genetic engineering. A short war follows in which humanity is defeated. The Qu bioengineer the surviving humans as punishment into a range of exotic forms, many of them unintelligent. They are left to evolve on their own as the Qu leave the galaxy. The bioengineered humans range from worm-like humans to insectivores and modular and cell-based species. The book follows the progress of these new humans as they either go extinct or regain sentience in wildly different forms and gradually discover that the Qu experimented on them.

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Loss The Frieza Force 2 to 5

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