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The tenth game of the Final Fantasy series, Square's bestselling console role playing game Final Fantasy X revolves around a summoner and her guardians aiming to defeat a creature known as "Sin" in the fictional universe of Spira. The characters were designed by Tetsuya Nomura. The game's sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, takes place two years after the events in Final Fantasy X and uses almost the same cast of characters.

There are seven main playable characters in Final Fantasy X. Tidus, a skilled blitzball star who is lost in the world of Spira after an encounter with Sin and searches for a way home. He joins the pilgrimage of the summoner Yuna who travels in order to defeat the creature alongside her guardians: Kimahri Ronso, a member of the Ronso tribe; Wakka, the captain of the blitzball team in Besaid; Lulu, a black mage; Auron, a powerful warrior and an old acquaintance of Tidus; and Rikku, Yuna's cousin who searches for a way to avoid Yuna's sacrifice in the fight against Sin. Final Fantasy X-2 features Yuna, Rikku, and as playable characters. Unlike other games in the series, there are no optional or secret playable characters.

Several non-playable characters important to the story such as Tidus' father, Jecht, members from Rikku's family and other summoners. The primary antagonists of Final Fantasy X are Seymour Guado and the other maesters of the Yevon religion, while the malevolent creature known as Sin serves as the primary source of conflict. Final Fantasy X-2 features a new series of antagonists that alternate depending on how the player progresses the story.

During the development of Yuna, Nomura based the overall costume design and appearance on Okinawa kimono. When Nomura learned that the character was to perform the sending dance, he wanted her outfit to be able to flow with her movements. For this reason, the specific style of kimono he chose for her was a furisode, a kimono bearing long sleeves. Additionally, he adorned her dress and necklace with images of the flower also called Yuna (Hibiscus tiliaceus). Her name carries the meaning of "night" in the Okinawan language, a direct contrast with Tidus', which derives from "tidā," the Okinawan word for "sun." Nomura has explained that while all these subtle details may be unnecessary, he does not want his designs to be without explanation.

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