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Overt-Kill is a fictional cybernetic assassin in the comic book, Spawn.

Overt-Kill is a Sicilian mob enforcer and Spawn's first major enemy. He was introduced by Don Tony Twist to try to take Spawn out and was a difficult opponent for the newly born Hellspawn to deal with. He boasts augmented strength and speed, a sadistic battle fury and a strong, if not misguided, sense of his own invulnerability.

In one of his first appearances he is taken down by the police marksman Twitch who fires one bullet into his vulnerable ear.

Overt-Kill has also gone by the name of OvertWar. Over the course of his career he has been dismantled three times.

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Regular play Record:

Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Cyber 39 to 58
Loss Cyber 6 to 26
Loss Cyber 11 to 21
Loss Jackie Estacado (The Darkness) 4 to 25
Loss Pitt 5 to 13
Loss Pitt 1 to 16
Loss Omega Red 1 to 16
Loss Death's Head 4 to 14
Loss Ajax 5 to 6
Loss Hiroim 8 to 10
Loss Death's Head II (Minion) 3 to 13