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Jean Grey (Time Displaced)

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All-New X-Men was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics that debuted in November 2012, with the launch of Marvel NOW! The series centers on the five original X-Men, brought from the past to the present to confront their future counterparts. The series replaces Uncanny X-Men vol. 2 as the flagship book of the X-Men franchise.

Following the events of the Battle of the Atom story arc, the time-displaced X-Men, led by Kitty Pryde, moved to the modern day Cyclops's New Xavier School following a disagreement with the Jean Grey School X-Men members. They would be joined a few issues later by X-23, who had just survived the events of Avengers Arena. The team then took to space in a crossover event, "The Trial of Jean Grey", with Bendis's Guardians of the Galaxy series as part of All-New Marvel NOW!. Following the crossover, the young time-displaced Cyclops was spun off to his own solo series, Cyclops, which had him and his father, Corsair, journey through outer space together. After the series is cancelled upon the end of the Inhumans vs X-Men story line, the story of the All-New X-Men is continued in the new series X-Men Blue

Following Cyclops's escape from prison after the war with the Avengers, he, Emma Frost, Magik and Magneto begin a crusade against mutant persecution, freeing mutants who are being held prisoner after their powers have manifested, violently striking out at the humans responsible at the same time. As the other X-Men bemoan their inability to strike back at Cyclops's actions without triggering a mutant civil war, a frustrated comment by Iceman about how the past Cyclops wouldn't tolerate his present self's actions inspires Beast to take action; he travels back in time to the early days of the Xavier Institute shortly after Professor X has taken a leave of absence and Beast's younger self was about to temporarily leave the X-Men for the first time to recruit their assistance, informing them that Cyclops must come to the future to stop himself from committing mutant genocide.

Although shocked at the news of Cyclops's future, as well as the discovery that he has killed Professor X in the future, the young X-Men decide to help Beast, the younger version recognizing that he wouldn't do something like this unless it was necessary. After arriving in the future at the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, during which Wolverine instinctively attacks Cyclops before Jean Grey knocks him out, Beast collapses, and the younger version of Beast reveals that his future self is dying; his actions are the result of his desire to accomplish something good in the time he has left to live. Although shaken at the future they have witnessed as they are isolated in one of the rooms, Jean reads Wolverine's mind when he tries to send them back to their own time, noting that, while he is consciously against their presence, he is inwardly grateful to Beast for taking this chance. When they hear news of a mutant riot, young Cyclops reaffirms his dedication to Xavier's dream of peace and the five original X-Men depart in a new Blackbird, determined to confront the future Cyclops.

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