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Shanghai Joe

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The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe (Italian: Il mio nome è Shanghai Joe, lit. "My name is Shanghai Joe") is a 1973 Spaghetti Western kung fu film directed by Mario Caiano and starring Chen Lee as Shanghai Joe. The film was released in a number of alternate titles in the United States, including To Kill or to Die and The Dragon Strikes Back.

A Chinese immigrant, recently arrived in America, travels to Texas looking for honest work. However, all he encounters is racism. He soon impinges on the interests of a slave trader called Spencer, ending up with a price on his head. "Shanghai Joe" uses his martial arts expertise to free the Mexican slave from their cruel master, but then Spencer and his friends decide to hire the four most terrifying bounty hunters of the West, among them a cannibal and a scalp hunter.

On May 26, 2009, a Region 0 DVD of the movie was released by Alpha Video.

The film was broadcast on Tele 5 as part of the programme format SchleFaZ in season 1.

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