The Herk/ Xena Files for Civilization II

Ver. 1.0

Note on Xenaciv Version II:

I was working on a Version II, but then one day in the Software store, I saw Microprose had released a disk which, basically, allows you to make your own Mods for the game. Needless to say, work on XenaCiv II stopped dead because now anybody can easily make their own Xena mod! Furthermore, you don't have to spend days hacking the game files the way dedicated Mod makers had to in the (dare I say it?) old days.

So... Hacking Civ 2 may soon be a lost art, but the quality and creativity allowed by the new Microprose disk probably makes up for it. If anyone tries out the product, let me know what you thought about it. I would appreciate it.

These files will completely re-vamp your Civilization II game into the struggles of Herk and Xena in Ancient Greece.

The New technology advances and wonders are heavily flavored towards, or are actually from, Greek mythology and lore.

The units have been painstakingly detailed from Xena/ Herk screenshots, pulled from websites across the net. Also, there are playing pieces from Greek Mythology! The playing pieces now include:

  • Xena

  • Hercules

  • Callisto

  • Iolas

  • Gabrielle

  • Joxer

  • Aphrodite

  • Salmoneus

  • Autolycus

  • The Enforcer

  • The Nemesis

  • Etc...

The Pedia has been totally revamped so it is easy to click around and find out where your advances are going.

Also, the City Interface has been "Greeked" and the City Icon graphics have been changed. I am especially happy with the ones which portray the "Modern" era. Also, some City units from master icon maker Mike McCart represent the early periods.

As if that wasn't all enough to capture the flavor of Greek Mythology, you can plug in the Sound Files, too! Sound bits from the show re-sampled and edited with Gold Wave, they were pulled from websites across the net. Some of the favorites of fans.


Graphics and Game Files (265 KB):

Download Site

Xena Sound Files for Civ II (667 K):

Download Site 1

Download Notes: These files are zipped with WinZip, so you will need that. It's a shareware program which can be found free for download.

Instructions: Assuming that you installed your Civilization II game in the default path "C:\MPS\Civ2", then just unzip the XenaCiv.ZIP file into the MPS directory (Folder).

The Zip is packaged with the branches intact, so it will stuff the correct files into the Civ2 and the Pedia folders.

The Sound.Zip works exactly the same... just unzip it into the MPS folder and it will branch into the "Civ2\Sound" folder.

The alternate method to this is to unzip the file into some made up folder and then copy/ paste all the files into your regular Civ2 game.

These files, of course, make major modifications to your Civ II game, so if you plan on ever returning it to it's original form, you will have to re-install or back up the following files:













Find a bug or something amiss? Please let me know.

Also... I'm taking suggestions for Version 2.

Xena Civ was joyously written and illustrated by Serge Walters... The Electric Ferret.

Standard Disclaimers: This is totally free for download FreeWare. The author takes no responsibility for effects or damages to your system. The Author is free of liability.

Xena and Hercules are copywrites of MCA/ Universal. This website makes no claims and intends no infringement.