A Brief History of the Callistoverse:

Hudson is georgeous

When I first saw Xena: Warrior Princess... some first season episode, I don't know which now, I didn't really think anything of it. However, my sister was already hooked and I'd catch glimpses of it when she tuned in.

At some point, during season two, my sister flipped on the TV in my room to watch Xena and Hudson Leick came on the screen. I don't ever recall, ever once in my life, being totally and instantly captured by a character / actress on a television program. But, in this case, I was just siezed by Hudson Leick and drank in every second of her screen time with increasing interest and adoration. I instantly became a fan of Xena: Warrior Princess for no other reason that the Callisto character.

That night, I hit the Internet looking for Hudson Related material - of which there was already a small amount.

In 1996 a fellow called Sturm had started a page he was calling Project Callisto of which you can still find banners for on long lost, now defunct Callisto Pages around the Internet. The purpose of Project Callisto was to link together all the Callisto sites and serve as a meeting point. About the same time A fellow named Ron Albang started the first Callisto Mailing list and a community was born.

To get a sense of the Enthusiasm for the Callisto character in late '96 - early '97 I invite you to check out this long dead webpage: Karen's Callisto Page. The Project Callisto page folded in late '97 and by then, Wesser, who had one of the first Callisto / Hudson web pages Hudson Leick Admiration Group was attempting to serve that role.

The Mailing List of Callisto Fans through 1997 and into 1998 was a real hot bed of mounting enthusiasm for the actress and the role. It's quite amazing to me, in retrospect, considering how few appearances she had. One of the more interesting constants on the Callisto list were stories, humor and skits produced by a girl named Melissa. Some of these went into a page she created: Oddity Twins Productions

Some time in '97 a small power scuffle for Official Fan Club status went through the callistoverse. A fellow named Ron Herr tried to start a Hudson Fan Club about the time Wesser had the same goal. I actually kind of feel sorry for Ron Herr... his attempt to make www.hudsonleick.com official only resulted in a long string of dissapointment and lost money, as far as I recall. Wesser won the Official title quite handily and opened The Hudson Leick Official Fan Club. Interestingly, the www.hudsonleick.com domain is also now just a link to the Fan Club.

In late '98 I moved off the Mailing List and was branching into other Xena Related projects. I wonder how the community is doing these days...

A Brief History of Callisto's Fun Page:

This page, Callisto's Fun Page, started as just one picture of Hudson sitting on a blank page in late, late 1996. Very early in 1997 I started creating the Comix section of this site and posting the image jokes to the Callisto mailing list. Shortly after that I started Callisto's Battle Circle which would evolve into The Comic Book Universe Battles.

The Callisto's Battle Circle of this site was originally a joint effort by myself and the Webmaster of Callisto Tales, Tower (AKA Shawn Baillargeon). It has much Xena related themes running through it and I invite you to check out Callisto's Battle Circle's very first fight: He-Man vs. Callisto.

This site was never about being The Best or The Biggest, with the most pics and sounds, etc. I just wanted to do some original content. This entire domain, www.electricferret.com, of which I am the webmaster, was born of this little site and I am glad this Callisto site is still at the heart of it. I am proud that this page is still going after so long, and after I have watched so many other good, small pages go dead.

My other projects in the Xenaverse:

I feel that I have truly left my small mark on the Xenaverse, at this point. In 1997 I created the first Xena and Hercules Banner Exchange which was eventually taken over by Dixie of the The Xena Online Resources. I also created and programmed the first Xena Search Engine which eventually got scrapped when I helped the Xena Online Resources site become an automated link base. Today I am pretty much out of the loop in regards to Xena related activities, as this domain Electricferret.com takes all my time and energy.

- Serge Walters, Apr. 2000.