Brady Grid 45K

"...But Mom, she burned down my village!"

"Now, Callisto, dear, I'm sure Xena had a good explaina...."

"Xena, Xena, Xena! Why is everything always about Xena?!"

"Oh, honey - Xena is just..."

"But Mom, Xena gets her own show, her own horse, her own mousy little follower, she always gets to play with her frisbee inside the house, she... oh, Mom! All I wanted was a village!

"Now, young lady, that's just about enough. If your father heard you he might just send you back to Hades, and without supper! Xena is more popular and maybe someday, when you're popular too, you can also lead rampaging armies and take no consequences for your actions."

"Gee mom, Maybe you're right..."

"Of course. Now run along, dear."

Yes, she was right... Xena had to go.