These are some pics I did for a very wonderful bit of Fan Fiction by Tower, titled "Callisto and Iolas".

The premise of the story explores a possible relationship occurring between these two characters. It is a thoughtful portrayal.

However, since I did make the graphics and they were just lying around... I felt it was my civic duty to attempt my own thoughtful treatment of this subject.

yeah... right...

Tower's story "Callisto and Iolas" can be enjoyed at Tower's Callisto Tales!

Image 27K

"Look... I just said it looked nice... O.K?"

The flowers were in full bloom and the village was burning in that special way that villages do when the flowers ar blooming.

Callisto was in a good mood as her troops herded frightened peasantry to and fro... It was a pointless exercise... but the men seemed to like this "stomping about and shouting whilst herding peasants" phase of the raids.

For the third time Callisto moved her torch towards the stake which held the hog-tied and oil-covered Iolas... But once again stopped. What was it about him which attracted her?

She looked deep into his highly terrified eyes, and her bosom heaved with a thrill she could barely identify as infatuation.

"Cut the worm down!" She called out to her lieutenant.

Image 26K

"He's kinda cute I guess... but he still has to die"

The days passed pleasantly through the Spring as Callisto's young love grew.

Iolas agreed to stop roaming about with Hercules, and in return Callisto agreed to let Iolas out of the cage on Friday's and even allowed him a plate to eat off of.

Iolas enjoyed telling Callisto tales of adventure and romance, whilst Callisto enjoyed getting close to ending his wretched existence on several occasions just to reverse herself.

They were both... well one of them anyway... was pretty happy.

Image 33K

"Get in there and wash those dishes now!"

In the end, both Hercules and Xena came sniffing around looking for Iolas. However... what could she say? She loved the guy. Finally there was no choice...

Callisto sailed off with Iolas to a remote island and waited for his natural lifespan to expire. Hey, she was immortal... what's a couple of decades?

Besides, she felt it was required to savor these moment because she doubted she would ever love another pathetic male so strongly again.

The End.

Stay Tuned for "Hannibal Lecter and Dana Scully.... A love Story".